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My name is Yousef Fatouraee!

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I'm a software engineer

I'm a self-taught web developer!

I studied Information Technology at AUT

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I often use Linux, and I use Windows for graphics design!

I have over 3 years of experience with front-end development.

I've done many projects using Javascript, and I often use React.js beside its many other libraries.

I'm also familiar with some of new technologies. such as:

Graphql, Sass...

I use PHP and SQL (LAMP stack) when I develop back-end

I taught Java as a T.A. when I was a student.

Here are my latest developed websites

And I also developed many other private projects.

I have experience with working for a small company and an institution.

I made an electronic music album back in 2011. Click on the mic.

I have restored over 2 motorcycles. Click on the motorcycle.

I love gardening. Click on trees.

I go hiking in mountains

Finally, I live in Canada!